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Our forth coming AGM is approaching. we would like interested members to serve in the Management and Supervisory committees (Board) to apply.

No person shall be eligible to be elected to the Board or Supervisory Committee of Concorde Sacco Society Ltd. if he/she:

  • Is under 21 years of age.
  • Does not have at least form four level of education or its recognized equivalent.
  • Has not been a member of the Sacco Society for the 6 months prior to the Annual General meeting.
  • Has been adversely named by the Commissioner or his/her representative in an inquiry report endorsed by an Annual or Special General meeting for mismanagement or corrupt practices while still a member of the Board of a co-operative society or union, or named in any other national inquiries where he/ she has been shown to be engaging in dishonest activities.
  • Has been adversely named by the Authority in an inspection report for mismanagement or corrupt practices while still a member of the board of a Sacco society.
  • Has been charged of any offence involving dishonesty, a crime involving fraud, perjury or breach of contract of a licensed financial institution.
  • He/she is involved in a business of money laundering or carrying out activities which are detrimental to the Sacco objectives.
  • Is delinquent on loans with the SACCO for more than 90 days within 2 years prior to elections;
  • Is an un-discharged bankrupt or is of unsound mind;
  • Is a Board member of another existing Sacco Society licensed under the Act;
  • Is an official of or holds a political office at any level;
  • Does not conform to minimum qualification standards in accordance to the applicable law
  • Receives any remuneration, salary or other payments from the Sacco in accordance with the Act.
  • Has not gone through a fit and proper test.
  • Does not have the minimum threshold of Kshs. 500,000 in non-withdrawable deposits.
  • Does not hold the minimum share capital of Kshs. 10,000.
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